About three years ago I started pondering an idea. That idea, was that the Big Bang event came about because of a massive undefined starlike object outside our temporal existence going nova. Upon investigation and researching this idea I found that such an idea had never been considered.

Following the scientific method I then tried to nullify my idea. But the more I dug and researched the more reason and cause I had found in validating my idea, to my eyes at least. Or let me restate that: Can any cosmologist give a simple explanation to all the various anomalies identified on the Cosmic Microwave Background?

Or can any particle physicist give evidence for the existence of the primordial atom from which the Big Bang erupted? I can and do in explaining the formation of the Bootes void and The Cold Dark Spot.

One idea! And as for the Mathematics…. I’m working putting that together in order to show the great depths of what has not been asked or discovered yet.

The purpose of this website is to act as a platform in order that I might communicate these ideas.