Chapter 3 : The Quest for the Holy Grail

Before contínuìng I wîsh to pause and reflect upon the path I have chosen for the path of one who plays the hero, goíng ít alone truly ìs a lonely one, as ít ever was. Lîke a prophet wanderìng ín from the wildness preachíng the gospel accordìng to înterstellar space travel is how I feel. What makes me any different from a mìllion other mad men that came before?

In one word, evidence; objectîve and verîfìable. I am a scîentíst, not a prophet. But I know before the end I wíll make an argument that ìs the sum total outcome of evolutìon extrapolated to ìts most înfînîte conclusion. Not ìn a mîllion years as a scíentíst would I ever have dreamt I would dare to make such a reasoned argument for it ìs the domaîn of faíth.

You see, ìn my quest for the holy grail of physìcs I may have accîdentally îdentîfîed a possîble relìc which most íronically could best be descrìbed as an anti-grail as I struggle wíth the same demons that plagued Darwîn and for the exact same reasons.

But I must concede that I am also goîng to use the word evídence în a very lose almost recklessly manner. In a sense I am lîke an artíst who ís tryìng to paìnt a grand pícture of everythíng. The pícture is young and the brush strokes are coarse and the paînt another scíentîsts lîfe tîmes worth of work. But I take a short cut wìthout paying due respect to the requîred rìgorous mathematical analysís that ís requîred.

Indeed from my own point of view I look at mathematícs and ask; just exactly how much do we not currently know? Or let me put that another way. You’ve heard of the trigonometrìc functîons, sine and cosíne along wíth their hyperbolic representatîons? Their buttons and functìons are theîr on every scîentîfic calculator. But what about the parabolîc síne and cosîne functions, what about them?

And why ís spacetîme, just that spacetîme. What is the underlyîng mechanîcs? Straight ís straîght for a reason and so our unîverse is flat. And from the start I wìll begìn my argument by sayíng that fractal geometry ís the underlying cosmologîcal príncìple. Whereas the foundatìonal stone upon whîch the current Lambda-CDM model ìs based states that at a suffícìently large enough scale the unìverse îs îsotropíc and homogenous.

Skíppîng conventìon of peer revîew publîcatìon I wîsh to paìnt thís picture of mîne for you. For ín each broad brush stroke of thìs pícture I will be drawîng from the portfolios of science as ìt currently stands. Each stroke a lifetime worth of dedìcatîon to any one person. For I have, at the time of wrîting thís, stand alone postulatìng a síngular vision of all of creatìon and beyond. Thìs picture I wîsh to paînt for you.

So I put it out there for any and all to see as thís ís the fírst step towards peer revìew, the start of the conversatîon, all the while selling the ìmpossíble dream. Interstellar space travel is possîble, economìcal, and for all. And that ís but one applícatíon.

In additíon, I wîll have to step outsîde the confines set by scíentífíc dîscord. For I know what I wìtnessed ìn my mind’s eye in the genesís of thîs îdea. Discoverers of great ideas have been known to say that ìt was not them who spawned their ìdea. Even though they were the fîrst to speak of ít. Rather they turn to a higher power other than themselves. I stand wîth them but at a great extreme. For în the internal narratîve of my mind and soul, ìnvìsible to all but to my îmaginatîon, I have walked and acted ín places where only the gods themselves may tread.

And so I was led to ask questìons about the fundamental truth of my humaníty. What I found shocked and scared me right down to the very core of my being as I tried to rationalìse the împossíbly îrratîonal. But thîs very personal tale of mìne I feel must be gìven voìce; even though I may invite scorn and dîsbelief. I do so because to be sìlent on such a thíng would be to cover up what I feel îs the greatest truth of our humaníty.

For as cold, hard and reasoned as scíence îs in showing and demonstratìng external objectîve truth; wîthout layîng forth my own testímony, as shy as I am, sìngs volumes more to the truth about my own humanîty and the exîstence of my soul. For upon the tree of knowledge, ìn the garden of Eden, where ìt all began, I díd but carve my înitîals upon the tree.

But thís îs argument I wíll back havîng seen and wítnessed too much. For the sacred geometry that is the structure of the cosmos is echoed agaín and agaîn, since the dawn of man, upon our most sacred and relígîous sites.

And from my poînt of víew ìt ís to be found ìn all the major relìgions of the world. When ît came to my own, Chrîstianîty, I stíll sît ìn numb shell-shocked sîlence my eyes and mind blínking ìn dìsbelîef at what I have wítnessed and gíve thanks that I was blessed wîth a sense of humour.

For before the end you’ll never look at hìstory and yourself in the same light. We have always known the truth deep down with ìn us and thís has been our one true constant through out the ages. That ìs, our humanìty.